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To contact us, fill out the contact us form below, or you can give us a call at (920) 458-5501 or by fax (920) 458-5874. To contact a member of the Rohde Dales staff directly, use their extension number listed below:

To contact a member of the Rohde Dales staff directly, use their extension number listed below:


Bohrofen, Eldon L.  --  Senior Counsel  --  Ext 116
Eldon L. Bohrofen practices primarily in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Trust Administration, as well as Corporate and Business Planning.

Borkenhagen, Kyle  -- Partner  --  Ext 113
Kyle Borkenhagen is a member of the Litigation Team at Rohde Dales. Kyle’s practice primarily focuses on personal injury cases, insurance disputes, and commercial law matters.

Gass, David  --  Managing Partner  --  Ext 115
David’s experience includes counseling business clients in organization, planning, sales and acquisitions. Business clients also rely on David for his expertise in creditors’ rights issues.

Malis, Stephanie E.   --  Associate  --  Ext 117
Stephanie is a member of the firm’s Family Law and Litigation Teams. In addition, she has a strong interest in child advocacy and is a certified guardian ad litem.

Melzer, Robert T   --  Senior Counsel   --  Ext 121
Bob has forty years experience counseling family business owners and as the senior family business advisor has served as an officer, director, trustee and mentor for businesses ranging from modest to national in scope.

Ourada, Alexander   --  Partner   --  Ext 112
Alex's area of practice is litigation. His practice involves personal injury cases, commercial law and small claims matters.

Resimius, Anthony J.   --  Partner   --  Ext 119
Tony’s areas of practice are employment law, litigation and business law. He provides counsel to employers in all aspects of the employment relationship.

Te Winkle, William P.   --  Senior Counsel   --  Ext 114
Bill leads the firm’s litigation and employment law practice, which includes personal injury and wrongful death claims as well as insurance disputes, contract and commercial law disputes, and employment and non-compete agreements.

Voss, K. Allan   --  Partner   --  Ext 120
Allan heads Rohde Dales’ Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts Team and has extensive experience advising clients of all ages, particularly owners of closely held businesses, and fiduciaries and beneficiaries of trusts and estates.

Zinkel, Ryan J.   --  Partner   --  Ext 154
Ryan practices in the areas of estate planning, probate and trust administration and real estate transactions. As the leader of the firm's real estate team, Ryan advises clients in both commercial and residential real estate matters.


Baus, Stephanie  --  Business  --  Ext 124

Brito, Nancy   --  Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts   --  Ext 128

Markwardt, Heather A.   --  Family Law and Employment Teams   --  Ext 130

Meyer, Lisa M.   --  Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts   --  Ext 141

Pahmeier, Gail A.   --  Real Estate Team   --  Ext 118

Parmley, Cynthia L.   --  Litigation and Employment Teams   --  Ext 139

Legal Assistants

Bromaghim, Karen L.   --  Litigation Team   --  Ext 129

Penkwitz, Brittany N.   --  Business, Family Law and Employment Teams   --  Ext 132

Administrative Staff

Cobb, Krista   --  Office Manager   --  Ext 122

Hartman, Rosa M.   --  IT and Billing Manager   --  Ext 111

Kroll, Marie   --  Receptionist   --  Ext 110

Tauschek, Mary Jane   --  Staff Clerk   --  Ext 131