Sheboygan Injury Lawyer Scores Supreme Court Victory for Young Family

As a Sheboygan injury lawyer who sees many families in their time of pain, everything we do in and outside of the courtroom has one goal: to help them get back on their feet. From time-to-time, we’d like to share a few of their stories to help you see how we never give up from the moment you walk in the door.

In early February, the Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with Rohde Dales LLP’s client in a case involving a family we have grown close to since 2007. In a split second, the family lost their beloved mother in a car accident. One of her children was also in the crash. He suffered serious injuries after a driver in a rental car crossed over the centerline and collided with our client’s car.

Sadly, sometimes when you experience a tragedy you find out that the people you trusted to protect you are suddenly not on your side. That’s where we come in, to be by your side to battle for what you rightfully deserve. Our clients were struck by every driver’s worst nightmare, an underinsured motorist. Wisconsin law on uninsured and underinsured coverage is very complex. We were able to help the family create new law to benefit our clients and future victims of a rental car collision.

The family turned to their own insurance company’s underinsured motorist policy to help them recover for the serious losses they sustained. The insurance company denied that claim, arguing it was not required to provide coverage for an accident with a rental car because it was a self-insured vehicle. As we’ve been doing for families since 1898, we dug in our-heels and fought for the children grieving the loss of their mother, taking their case all the way to the highest court in the state.

A majority of justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court found the insurance company’s policy language was ambiguous, and the outcome they advocated as “absurd”. The court ruled that the insurance company cannot turn its back on our clients after the deadly accident. These clients are just one example of how our law firm fights for families here in Sheboygan County and around the state.

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